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Retreating Planting Season, Rice Prices Expected to be Higher Early Next Year

Nov 13 2018

November 11, 2018 ( by http://NETRALNEWS.COM )



BANYUMAS, NNC - The rice price on the market has the potential to increase due to the retreat of the rice planting period in the first planting season of 2018/2019, said Head of the Representative Office of Bank Indonesia of Purwokerto Agus Chusaini.

"So there is indeed a potential increase in rice prices at the beginning of the year, around January-February, the amount of rice availability will decrease, but the government has imported [rice]. So, God willing, maybe the [rice] price can be controlled," he said after attending the first planting in the context of the accelerated movement of rice planting in Kuntili Village, Sumpiuh Sub-district, Banyumas Regency, Central Java, Saturday (11/10/2018).

According to him, imports of rice carried out by the government are intended to anticipate the reduced supply of food in early 2019 due to the decline of the rice planting season.

Therefore, he expects rice imports that have been carried out by the government to meet the needs at the beginning of 2019. "

With imports, the government's rice reserves are now large. So, we hope that at the beginning of the year, reserves will be sufficient until the next harvest," said Agus.

He acknowledged that until now, the price of rice in the market, especially the city of Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency, is still relatively stable, but his side is still observing it.

"Indeed, with the delayed planting, it is possible that the harvest will also retreat. This is something that needs to be anticipated. Although the price rises, the increase may still be reasonable, it will not rise dramatically as in the case of last year [end 2017 to early 2018]," said he quoted from Antara.

On a separate occasion, the Head of the Banyumas Regency Agriculture and Food Security Office Widarso admitted if the rice planting period in the first planting season of 2018/20 was delayed due to the rainy season's retreat.

Therefore, he said, the acceleration of planting movements as carried out in Kuntili Village, Sumpiuh Sub-district, Banyumas, could catch up because previously the planting area in October to November was targeted to reach 20,000 hectares.

However, until now, he continued, only about 10 percent had been realized or around 2,000 hectares, so it was hoped that the target could be met by the end of November.

"What we are worried about is that if the retreat is too long, the famine will increase (long) and this is a big risk. In January 2018 alone, the price of rice is quite high and lasts quite a long time," he said.

With the retreat of the planting season as it is now, he predicts rice production in January 2019 will not be maximized.